Another great Time Laps Photography Project: Asylum by Drew Geraci

April 15, 2012 at 12:22

Another nice time lapse photography example i found on the inter web: Asylum by Drew Geraci. I can only imagine how they took the pictures.

From the description: Take a dark journey into the forgotten, where time stands still. The paint has peeled off the walls and the only occupants are the souls of those left behind. This is the Asylum.

Opened in the early 1920s, the Asylum closed down and was abandoned decades ago. Rooms remain untouched – left as they were when the last of the employees departed. These buildings stand as a testament to the horrors and miss treatment that patients had to endure during the time of its operation.

Our 7 month journey into the Asylum led us on many adventures; from dodging security vehicles, ghostly figures and even a meth head. This is no place for the faint of heart. Asbestos blanketed every room we entered like new winter snow, so shooting was sometimes difficult.

This project is a combination of traditional HDR, tone-mapping, and standard time-lapse techniques. With the use of the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero and a Merlin head, we were able to capture the grit and the grime of this wondrous place, like it had never been captured before. Every single frame in this production is a still photograph, no video was shot. It took nearly 35,000 individual frames over 7 months to complete this project.
In return, it took tremendous help from many individuals to complete this project.

This is a nice combination of HDR and tone-mapping as the HDR is not overdone – just as it should be. Spooky place and strange that one leaves a place like that. You would think that they take everything that is still usable and reuse it. The furniture for example??

The longest Way – A Stop Motion Movie from a Man that walked a lot in China

March 22, 2012 at 14:02

I wanted top do a stop motion for a long time – right now i am looking what others did to get some inspiration – so this one is the one for today!

Christoph Rehage walks across China over a year and grows a big beard

In 2007 Christoph had the idea to walk from Bejing back to Germany. In the end it did not work out and he did stop his trikp in Ürümqi. In the beginning he did shave head and beard and in the end again. In between you can not only see his hair grow – you can see friends he made on the way and things he saw. Quite a source of inspiration.
Find his blog here:

Strange Bug-fix Message

March 10, 2011 at 15:00

Fruit Menue

I see – a fish and a shotgun – and than a barrel, bucket or cask? Hm good i am not in software debugging! And who is Ned??

Pictures Summer 2009 are Online!

October 28, 2010 at 12:03

greets from Kathmandu – again it took me tooo long but not summer 2009 is online.
so i am only short of a year and a bit…

go here ->!

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i am in nepal for about 2 month and than india for another 2 and should be home march 1st

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