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My mother and her husband did visit tonight. They came with the camper so we had dinner in the camper outside my place. Later we did watch a few pictures they took and i did show them a few of mine. Than they went off to bed.
I did check emails and a friend from Singapore wrote on facebook that she left her phone in the cab.
So i called her number and had the cab driver in Singapore on the line. He found the phone in the car. I took his number – as he claimed that the battery is almost dead – just in case. Than i wrote my friend that the guy has the phone and his number. But she had no more extra phone. She messaged her address and i did call the guy again.
Also i told her to call with her pc. Than she tried with skype (did not think to do that before) but no credit. In the meantime i directed the cab driver to her place. 2 friends of her from austira did follow that thread and got into it as well. They called it “little-good-night-comedy” which is was – sort of…
At last Lucia came back online again: “EPIC!!! I HAVE IT BACK! awesome taxi driver came back, even took me to 7/11 to buy some cigarettes and brought me back home. He’s almost as awesome as you Marc!!! “
Happy End!

Now you see – you do need Facebook and of course you do need the internet!!

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  1. Yeah, hi-tech is unbelievable handy thing, but anyway what is it without friendship?! : )))))

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