Green Rice Field
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Winter 17/18 From Điện Biên Phủ over Sơn La to Phố Ràng

Our ride today: From Điện Biên Phủ to Sơn La. It was a nice warm day with lots of clouds but no rain. Lots of green on both sides of the road. To bad most of it was agriculture.

Another monument on a hill along the QL 12
On the QL 279 in Tinh Lai Chau
And on the other side of the street – a farm
Tằng Quái Park
Tằng Quái Park – just another Theme Park in the mountains
Vietnamese Mountains
Mountains and a lake from the QL6
Small fires everywhere – farming cuts into the mountains
It does look a bit better on the other side but not really if you look at the mountains in the back!
Mountain Village
Another small village in the mountains from the QL6
Mountain Road
Quite some traffic here. Some poor animals on the bike in front of me

Nhà Nghỉ Đại Thắng in Sơn La

Nhà Nghỉ Đại Thắng
Nhà Nghỉ Đại Thắng in Sơn La – Our hotel for the night
Hotel Room
Nice and clean – a good room once again!
Hotel Room
The room at the Nhà Nghỉ Đại Thắng
Hotel Room
Things nobody needs – a TV and Closet
Everything you need!
Bia hơi
Fresh Bia hơi from an aluminium bottle to celebrate the last night together

Today’s drive:
We drove 159 kilometers in 4 hours, 51 minutes with gas and food stops.

From Sơn La to Phố Ràng

Mitsos took of to the south to get back to Ninh Binh. I continued the trip up North again

War Memorial
The fatherland remembers – hmmmm
DT 106
For the next hour the DT 106 was only dust. Construction everywhere.
New settlement
A new settlement along the road
Rice fields
If you look at the mountains in the back you can see lots of mud slides. Guess if you cut to much trees that is what is happening.
Rice fields
Must be magic when the fields are green and the sky blue
Rice fields
Fresh green
Rice farms
The next big slide and the house is gone
Rice fields
Blue sky please :-(
Looking down the dam
Behind the dam
Not a lot of water in the river. What are the ppl doing that depended on that water?
Looking down the valley
Low Water
You can imagine when there will be the next overflow. This is the end of the rainy season!
Road construction
Looks like this road will be wider next time
Guess the farmers are used to the low water. The plant all the way down to the water so they know there will be no high water for a while.
Prepared Rice Fields
Baby Ducks searching for food
New Settlement
A new settlement with traditional houses. Strange – never saw something like that in Vietnam
Small Street
A small street leading to the QL 32
Rice Mountain
Rice eats forrest
Agriculture Mountain
Should look better when green
New Resort
And in all them fields somebody has to build a resort? OMG!
Rice files in the Mountains
Imagine green rice fields
Woman working on a steep field
Working on a steep field
Rice fields
Rice and more rice
Rice everywhere
Agriculture Mountains
Only a few more trees left
Fields and Mountains
This is the green I was talking about
Sunset over the rice fields
Sunset over the rice fields
Mountain RoadThe long way home
Down the hills for a while
Pigs on a motorbike
Two pigs on a motorbike
Small village
This looks like a nice place to chill
Rice Field
I call it the Rice Field Road
Of course there is more – corn for example

The Nhà Nghỉ 27-7 in Phố Ràng

It was dark and raining when I got into town. Drove into it from a small side road and in the night a lot of those streets in little town look the same. So I went looking for a room and choose this one. I was tired and the room was OK for a night. Had a nice hot shower and some fresh cloths. Got some beer and crackers and called it a early night.

Nha Nhi 27-7
The hotel for the night: 27-7
Enough space for me
Hotel room
AC, TV, fan and a hot shower. Not the best place in town but OK for a night.
Look at the fitting combination. One for the sink and shower – saves a lot of pipes and $$ to mount. And it works!
Another one of those bedcovers. What does it mean? No clue :-(
Olives with cracker
Olives with cracker – thanks Mitsos!

Today’s drive:
I drove 267 kilometers in 9 hours, 21 minutes with gas and food stops.

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