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Winter 17/18 From Phố Ràng to Nà Hang

It was a gray day again. Light rain in the morning so I took it easy and had two coffee. After the rain stopped I finally started to pack the bag on the bike. Drove out of the hotel at 10:28 for the next part of the trip.

Mist in the Mountains
Mist in the mountains
Looks like another day with a lot of brown
Fresh cut mountain
Fresh cut mountainside
Logging area
Logging area – looks like they save a few of the big ones for later
Lets see how this looks after the next rainy season
I stay on the left side of the valley for a while
Veneer Factory
Makes sense to have a Veneer Factory in this area. All the cut trees around.
Fresh cut wood
Fresh cut wood
Veneer drying racks
Veneer drying racks
Veneer Village
Whole villages along the road are in the veneer business
Wood House
New wood house – there is some money in this valley

Back in Hà Giang Province

Ha Giang Province
I was so happy with the good road until the last corner. Back to the dirt road again!
It gets greener again
Traditional House
What a nice traditional house
Rice fields
Back to rice field country
Farmer Houses
And this is a poorer farmer. You see the difference in the house
Mountain road
It is only a road but it cuts huge into the green
Nothing to see apart from forrest. Forrest!!! Lets see if it is still here next time when I get here.
Road into the valley
Road into the valley

The Hotel in Nà Hang

Hotel Room
Quite a small room but it has everything I need. A bed, WiFi, a hot shower and a toilet. Extra: a balcony
A small room comes with a small bathroom
Hotel room ceiling
Check out the ceiling!!
Blanket Love

Today’s drive:
I drove 157 kilometers in 5 hours, 10 minutes with gas and food stops.

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