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Winter 17/18 – Double Chinese Border Circle

Not too much time left before I have to fly home again. It is the same every time. My longest trip was 365 days in a row when I had a Round the World Ticket. Good times in 1990/91. The longest I go for many years now on one trip is 5.5 months in winter. Starts out super with endless time, but a few days after you left home you realize you only have two weeks left. Where is the rest gone? So you better make the best out of it. Especially if you have a nice day and a bike.
The forecast calls for a blue sky and a few clouds. Looks like another nice day for the road. Today I want to explore the roads near the Chinese border and see Ban Gioc Waterfall or is it Waterfalls?

Corn field and mountains
It looks like it will be a nice day again.
Karst mountains behind fields in Vietnam
I love those mountains
3 Water wheels in Vietnam
These water wheels are used to get the water from one level to another

I love those wheels. They are so simple but do work so efficiently. 24 hours and 365 days without electric power.

Corn fields with Karst mountains in the bag
Corn and Karst

It is the beginning of the season so most fields are full of fresh green

Small graveyard
Small graveyard on the right. Yesterday was a special day and everybody was at the graveyard. All the graves are decorated with flags.
Sediment explanation
Geopark route

Ancient Continent

That is what we can see here! Let me explain. This one is in the Minh Long commune in the Ha Lang district. On top, you see sedimentary rocks consisting of slightly brown-colored conglomerates, sandstone, siltstone, and shale. They are about 400 million years old.
The bottom layer is only 15 – 20 cm thick and made from rounded gravels and grits, and mostly quartz and sandstone.
Below that boundary is the thinly-bedded schist, which is early Cambrian and about 500 million years old. Between these rocks is a long disruption – that is why it is called an unconformity boundary.

It is believed that this was once part of the ancient Gondwana supercontinent. Once the whole area was uplifted and where it was the deep sea before it became land. The marine deposition was interrupted and the sediments changed.

This lasted for about 120 million years before the sea came back again to bury the unconformity boundary.

This is the short form of the information that you can see above.

The sediments – can you see them?
Stream in a valley
This stream comes from China. The road on the left ends 100 meters before the border. There are some concrete blocks to stop bigger trucks from going further. I turned around because I was not sure where the border is. Do not want to get into this kind of trouble.
Water Buffaloes
Water Buffaloes on the way to their grazing ground
1959 War Monument
1959 War Monument
Stream in the valley
Behind it the valley opens – the water looks nice for a swim
Dead Pig
But after closer inspection, I decided against it!
Karst Mountains
More farmland and mountains
Farmland and Karst Mountains
The farmers plant all sorts of vegetables but no rice up here
Buffaloes on a street
More buffaloes
A floating sand digger
A floating sand digger

It looks nice and quiet, but if you are on the road toward the Chinese border, you have a lot of truck traffic. Uphill or downhill they are slow but quite fast on the flat parts of the road.

Truck and bridge
All people study and follow the ideology and morality, Ho Chi Minh’s style! There is propaganda all over the place. The truck drives toward the Chinese border.
Local girl
A happy local girl. Not too much in the house. But Uncle Ho and all the family that was in the military were on the wall.
Village road
Well look at the rest of the village
Nice hanging bridge
Corn field in front of a Karst hill
Cornfield in front of a Karst hill
Horses in a field
That looks like rice fields but who knows?
Farmland and a wodden water pump
Another water wheel
Ban Gioc Waterfall
Ban Gioc Waterfall – China on the right of the river
Ban Gioc Waterfall
Not that many tourists here. Guess it is to far from everything
Floating Bridge
China on the other side.

Not sure if they move the goods legally over these bridges. Saw plenty of them and some places where they had boats and shipped people to the other side. But that was a bit further in the mountains on a smaller road. And I would pass most of the ferry places if not for the parked bikes and cars in the middle of nowhere. Who knows what they do on the other side?

Vietnamese border marker
Vietnamese border marker

For a while, there is also a road on the Chinese side of the river. Nice cars and buses drive there, and it is flat and smooth. Thanks to all the trucks on the Vietnamese side, it is a pothole hell and super dusty.

The Chinese border
Here you still have green hills
Karst Mountain
Down towards the Chinese border at Daxin Xian
Karst formation
Nice formation
The gate of Ly Van Ly
The gate of Ly Van Ly: The border crossing to China. Construction in Daxin Xian. Looks like I was lucky and had less truck traffic.
Lavender fields
Lavender fields on the Chinese side
Ban Gioc Waterfall
Ban Gioc Waterfall when everybody left
Horse on a street
Guess this is one of the tourist horses. It finds its way home in the evening
3 Karst mountains witht eh sun behind
Sunset at the guesthouse
Vietnamese Food
Another one of those good dinners at the homestay

I drove back to Kim’s Homestay to get another excellent dinner with beer and happy water!

Today’s drive:
I drove 185 kilometers in 8 hours, 18 minutes with gas and food stops.

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