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Back in Fredericton

Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee

After returning from the Maine Circle test drive, I headed back to Fredericton. The SUV proved to be a good camper, as well as a fun cruiser with the ability to go off-roading. Is there anything else you need? The photographs from that trip can be seen in the postings that came before this one. It was time to do the laundry, and there was some terrible weather predicted for Nova Scotia. So let’s take a break and get ready to embark on the next adventure in a few days.

Swimming Pool
A bit of reading at the pool
Cannondale Mountain Bike
My ride today
Pier at the river
At the pier across from Fredericton
Joe's Diner
Joe’s Diner
66 Thunderbird
66 Thunderbird
66 Thunderbird
Looks good from the back as well
66 Thunderbird
The good old times
St. John River
St. John River
Shopping cart with man
The Canadians like to shop big

We went to a breakfast party that was hosted by some friends of Kathleen. They do it every year and invite all their friends. It gets bigger and bigger because they get children. Some (of the now grown-up) children had children as well. You can imagine. Nice idea and nice event!

Lots of food options

I could use this nice oven every day!

Gas Stove
I love that beast. This is how it should be!

A coworker of Kathleen has a farm. She asked to come over for their Sunday Farmer’s Market one day. The family is from Germany, so it was quite interesting to chat with them about the struggle they faced after moving to Canada.

Lake in the woods
Nice lake, but it is full of Leeches
Farm House
The farm house
Wood barn
The barn where the Farmer’s Market is
Sunny pool view
Good morning Fredericton
Jazz Festival Stage
Jazz Festival Stage
Black Cat on MacBook Pro
Great – how am I supposed to do my emails now??

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