Ferry Boat in Bangkok
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Winter 17/18 – The Last Day in Bangkok

5 months- they went fast as usually – to fast! Had to get some stuff for friends so a trip to Chinatown for today.

Old Style Thai Ice Coffee
Old Style Thai Ice Coffee in Chinatown
China Town Pier
Chinatown Pier
China Town Pier
Nice clouds today
Lunch – i think bamboo with tofu or something
Noodles with vegetables
And noodles with vegetables
Monitor lizard
Hello Mister – waiting for the rain to stop?
It rained hard for about 20 minutes but it was nice again after that
Dick Water Gun
Interesting water gun
Klong in Bangkok
My hotel is the orange house with the big tree on the far left
Houses on canal in Bangkok
The next Hostel??
Houses on canal in Bangkok
There is a garden behind the fence
At the End of Soi Samsen 4

Time to fly home

Took Kuwait Airways again. The flight was a little bit over 400€ for a 6 Months ticket. Who could say no? New planes and you can book the window exit row online! FOR FREE!

Take a look at my review of Kuwait Airways if you want to know more

Exit Row Seat
Exit Row Seat for the 1st leg of the flight
Airplane Dinner
My Dinner
Kuwait Airport Bus
We landed at the old part of the airport and got bussed to the new one. Strange! Over there only empty slots. Guess the arrival is not finished yet.
Waitingroom at Kuwait Airport
And wait and wait
Exit row seat
Exit row seat for the 2nd leg to FRA
Airplane Lunch

Back in FRA – Waiting for the train

Brezel and Beer
Why has REWE at FRA only shitty beer???
FRA Airport Train Station
FRA Airport Train Station
Time table
Of course: Deutsche Bahn…

Back at the HQ

End of Winter 17/18

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