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Winter 17/18 – A Day in Bangkok

Today is my day off. Have to meet Melanie later so I walked a bit to see how the neighborhood changed. I like to do that every year but mostly I do not like what I see. Places that I went for food or a beer with friends are gone. Houses that made the street look good replaced and lots of family houses converted into dormitories. What is the fucking deal with those dormitories anyhow? There are so many of them that charge even more than I pay for a room with a shower and a toilet. Sometimes even the 5 months from the beginning of the trip to the end bring so much change. But I am happy when I see familiar places and they are still the same. But mostly the old, nice and familiar places go quickly and the new moves in and change everything.

Flowers in a tree
View from my room – Good Morning Bangkok
Demolished Building
There was a nice looking restaurant and another biz next door. A year later it still looked like this.
Demolished Buildings
Now it looks like that for over two years. Why not collect rent and kill the buildings when you are ready to build something new. And this place is next to my favourite bar :-(
Wood House
This was empty for so long. Now it is a hostel with café or bar. But many times I passed it was closed. Strange
Small restaurant
The place for a quick bite – Breakfast/Lunch combination
Thai Food
Soja Sprouts with Tofu and rice – 35 Bath
Thai Food with Rice
Some green with Rice – 35 Bath

After my Breakfast and Lunch combo meal it was time to walk over the bridge and down the Klong to meet Melanie.

House at the Klong
A new dormitory place
Bangkok Street
Sleepy in the morning – but at last 10 hostels till the temple – for now
Small street in Bangkok
Further down the alley
Soi Samsen
Soi Samsen 4
Democracy Monument
Democracy Monument
Deves Insurance Public Company Limited
Deves Insurance Public Company Limited
King Prajadhipok Museum
King Prajadhipok Museum
The temple of the Golden Mount
The temple of the Golden Mount or Wat Saket
Thai Dessert
Thai Dessert – hmmm – thanks – I pass
Giant Swing or เสาชิงช้า
The Giant Swing or เสาชิงช้า was built in 1784. It was used in Brahmin swing ceremonies.
Melanie and Me
Melanie and Me
Old Shops
Old shops – lets see how long these buildings will stand
Old Department Store
Old Department Store
Wood Bridge
I feel Dutchland

The smallest Indian Temple in Bangkok

Small temple
Small temple it is. It is in the house in the back
Indian Section
I found it one time by accident and now if I want to find it I never find it
Indian Temple
It is in the middle of a maze of super small roads and tiny wood houses. Today I found it again.
Chinese Temple
This must be the Chinese part of it
Indian Temple
Another Indian part of it

Down at the River

At the Ferry Terminal
Looking up the river
Clouds over Rama VIII Bridge
Clouds over Rama VIII Bridge
Fish in the River
Fish in the Chao Phraya River
Fish and Bread
Bread is what they love
Happy Girl
And feeding fish is what she loves

With all that walking it got quite late and we got quite hungry as well. her boyfriend came over with the driver and we had dinner together at the Green House Restaurant. As usual, it was really good. After dinner, they drove home and I walked zig-zagging back to where my hotel is. Another day has gone. Tomorrow I have to get all the last minute things and start to pack the bag for the flight home as well.

Moon over Bangkok
Real Moon vs Street Light

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