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Winter 17/18 – From Phía Tháp to Thái Nguyên

Time to move down South again. Packed the bike and said Adios to the Kim family. I had a super time here in the North and the dinner was excellent – every time! Thank you!!
Today I wanted to see the Mountain with the Hole that is not too far from Kim’s Homestay. When I was close, I could not find it and gave up – and I was so close. Stupid me but I also had many kilometers to go.
I detoured a second time to go to Tân Lập since I was almost out of petrol and there was no gas station the last few hours. It is always a lot of fun – you see that you are getting really low – in this case, the needle was in the red for a few minutes already. I stopped and consulted the map. There is a small hamlet up the hill that looks big enough for a gas station. And sure enough, they had one. So I had a beer and some snacks as well. Anyhow, got into Thái Nguyên late and was happy to take a hot shower.

Vietnamese Graveyard
Still some festivities at the graveyard
Fields and Karst Mountains
Fields and Karst mountains
Corn Field and Karst Mountain
Corn fields
Green Karst Mountains
These Karst mountains might stay green since you can not farm there
Farm house in the mountains
What a nice spot for a farm house
Green mountains
Still some green mountains
Fields and Mountains
But you can see how agriculture takes over more and more.
Mountains and Farm Land
More cuts in the mountains
Farm in the Valley
Some farmers houses in the valley
Fresh planted fruit trees
Coming round the next bend and you see this for an hour or so. Makes you really sad
The only good thing about it is that they will be green in the future if you look at this hills
Burnt Land
More forrest gone
Clear cut forrest
And more and more and more…
Mountains and more mountains
Local House
Another old school local house
Small village in a valley
A small village in a valley
Mountains at sunset
The gate to paradiese
Small road
Small road in the valley
Sunset in the mountains
Sunset in the mountains

Today’s drive:
I drove 275 kilometers in 9 hours and 4 minutes with gas and food stops.

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