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Nova Scotia Circle 1- From Fredericton to Moncton⁩

Coffee with pool view

What a nice fall morning in Fredericton. Time to hit the road and do the Nova Scotia Circle. Coffee and adios to the cats. Off to see new places.

Nova Scotia Circle
The Nova Scotia Circle

This is the whole circle. I tried to drive the roads closest to the water for most of the trip. This way you see the little villages and the farmhouses or fisher houses along the coast.

Tank in Oromocto
The people of Oromocto put this tank next to the road. This is the first time I have seen a tank not parked next to a military base in the west. Of course, if you travel to the former communist countries, you will see a lot of them in the city centers.
Bridge over the Saint John River
Nice metal bridge over the St. John River outside Maugerville⁩
‎⁨Cambridge-Narrows Road
Open road at the ‎⁨Cambridge-Narrows
Sailing boats
Lots of people along the river have their boats next to their houses.
Wood Church in Sheffield⁩
Nice old Wood Church in Sheffield⁩
Wood Church
I love these old cemeteries next to the wooden churches
‎⁨Cambridge-Narrows Bridge
‎⁨Cambridge-Narrows Bridge
Gas Station
Where the 695 meets the 710. I do love those small gas stations. Always fresh coffee brewing, some sweets, and usually nice small talk with the town folks that hang out there.
Rought Rood
Good to have a 4 x 4 if the roads are like this. Somewhere close to Parkindale⁩
Blueberries, somewhere close to the Mechanic Settlement
Blueberry Fields
There were only some guys logging and Blueberry fields as far as one could see
Blueberry Field
Blueberry Fields forever? Not sure if they harvest here at all.
Wide view over forrest
Somehow this is the middle of nowhere…
Mechanic Road
On the Mechanic Road
View from the Mechanic Road
View from the Mechanic Road just before the Hubley Road fork
Midland Road
On Midland Road, a few kilometers after the Mechanic Settlement
Forrest Road
The funny thing is that this road even has road signs. There is some house construction every other mile or so as well.
Road Sign in the Forrest
There you go – how can you get lost?
Road Sign in the Forrest
Moncton is where I need to go
Covered Wood Bridge
Covered Bridge at Upper Goshen Road. My cruiser is way below 5 tons – good for me!
Goshen United Baptist Church
Goshen United Baptist Church
Grave Stone
Grave Stone from 1951
Head Stone
They have good stones there or less acid rain
Head Stone
Knights of Malta? Waren Hayward is the man.
Head Stone
22 years – not really old too
Head Stone
Alexander D
Head Stone
Marye – she only made it 3 years, 2 months, and 12 days
Cows – nice ones
Two wooden churches
Two wooden churches in Goshen
Country Road
Take me Home Country Road
WalMart Parking
Looks like I am the only one tonight that is staying for the night.
Car Park
My camping place for this night
Rolling Rock
Rolling Rock – Had it the first time in Brooklyn in 1990
My dinner: Fresh salad with nice Olive Oil and bread

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