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Winter 17/18 From Sa Pa to Sìn Hồ⁩

Today was the second day on this trip on the Northern Loop with blue sky. I was hoping for the days with only blue sky for a few years – finally, I got at last one day of blue in the mountains. In the evening I was even happier since I do not want to drive the small road up to the DT 128 in the rain with my Yamaha Exciter 135. And let’s not talk about the slick on the back tire. Best of all – most of today’s drive was still without power lines. And I can not say that too often. Even in 1989 when I was here the first time there were power lines everywhere. So it was a special day all together.

Phan Xi Păng or Fansipan. 3,143 meters (10,312 ft), make it the highest mountain in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. His nickname is “the Roof of Indochina”. Now with a cable car and an exit to the Gift Shop!
A farm with a view!
Mountains and Farmland
Mountains and farmland
Blue sky and a waterfall
This way we go
Mountain Road
The long and winding road
Mountain Road
Not really a lot of traffic
Unspoiled Mountains
For a change: Unspoiled mountains
Steep roads and Zick Zack mountains
Farmland eats it s way up
Fruit Stand
Nice selection

Lai Châu

Rice field
Rice fields and a village in the valley
Monument in Lai Châu
Lai Châu – Super wide roads and big buildings
Road in Lai Châu
Not to much traffic in Lai Châu
Mountain Town
Lai Châu from the top.

The Mountains without Power

Mountains in the Mist
Mountains in the mist
Green Hills
Green hills and rocks
Winding Road
Looks almost untouched AND no powerlines!
Rice Field
That did not last to long
Cement Hole
The power is on the way
Hills in Northern Vietnam
Unspoiled? Almost – but at last no power poles!
Landscape like this or farming along the small road
And from time to time small farm houses – without power
Water Buffalo
Water Buffaloes doing their water thing
Fields in the Hills
Farming takes over – starting here
Steep Road
Imagine this road in the Rainy Season
Farm Houses
They where the first with power
Last Tree
Last tree standing
More and more farmland

Panoramic View from Left to Right

The farmland eats the forrest again
And more and more fires to burn the cut wood
Kind of a shock after all that green hills a few clicks back
Not to much forrest left
A panoramic view over the mountains
Roads & Fields
If only the mist would clear
My way out of the valley
My way out over the mountain into the next valley

Down into the next Valley

New Farm House
Looks like a new house
Could be a nice view – without the bare red earth
Concrete Road
Without a warning: Concrete road again. Not really wide but easy to drive.
Blasting Hours
That nice road turned a bit nasty after I saw this warning sign with the blasting hours. It was 14:39 when I took the picture.

After a while I was back at the QL 12 and turned right to drive up North to meet with Mitsos in Sìn Hồ⁩.

Grave Yard
This grave yard is not to nice but they do take care of the lawn
Memorial Grave Yard
Memorial Grave Yard
Memorial Grave Yard

Sìn Hồ

Automotive Repair Shop
Got my chain thightened here. 3 generations of mechanics
Ducks on a bike
The Asians like their food fresh
Saigon Special
Not sure if that was a statement but there are not many places in Vietnam to be further away from Saigon. Well I liked it even more.
Vietnamese Restaurant
Had lunch and later dinner after Mitsos arrived at this nice place

The Phúc Thọ Hotel

Phuc Tho Hotel in Sìn Hồ
The Phuc Tho Hotel in Sìn Hồ. We had the room with the flag!
Hotel Room
The room was quite OK
The toilet not so fancy but the hot water worked – great!
City view
The view from the balcony to the left. Sìn Hồ⁩ main square
Balcony View
View to the right
Bamboo Shoot
The first time I had Bamboo Shoot in Vietnam. If those are Bamboo Shoot.

Had to wait hours for Mitsos to turn up. Since he does not track where he drives we will never know. Only one thing is sure – he drove a very different road to get here.

Today’s drive:
I drove 151 kilometers in 6 hours, 11 minutes with gas and food stops.

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