Winter 17/18 From Sìn Hồ⁩ to Điện Biên Phủ

Today we started to drive South again. Starting on the DT 128 over the mountains with lots of mountains to see. Quite easy once you on the QL 12 which is a bigger road. It was hazy but dry with blue sky over us. A nice day riding towards Điện Biên Phủ. Lots of agriculture happening in those mountains Many small farming villages in the mountains More rice fields from now on since we drive South again Not a lot of forrest left Agriculture…

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Winter 17/18 From Sa Pa to Sìn Hồ⁩

Today was the second day on this trip on the Northern Loop with blue sky. I was hoping for the days with only blue sky for a few years - finally, I got at last one day of blue in the mountains. In the evening I was even happier since I do not want to drive the small road up to the DT 128 in the rain with my Yamaha Exciter 135. And let's not talk about the slick on the back tire. Best…

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