From Ko Pha Ngan to Bangkok


Last summer Ru came back to Stuttgart and stayed at my place. It was the second time for her and she liked it. She told me that she would open a hostel on Ko Pha Ngan so I said I visit her on the island when I get to Thailand. I never had the intention of going to Ko Pha Ngan in the first place. All you hear is the Full Moon Party, Half and Black Moon Parties.
The hostel is in Thong Sala – the town where the ferry arrives. So far I did only see that part of the island. So I was quite happy when Ru asked me if I can take Elena on her free day round the island. Guess lazy me would just hang out round the hostel all the time.
And I have to say – I was wrong about Ko Pha Ngan! There are so many beaches – quite, white sand and great watercolour. In the middle of the island it is mostly forest and green with some waterfalls. In Thong Sala is a food night market and that was good as well. So it is an island where one can go!

Ko Pha Ngan
There are a few waterfalls to visit – not really my cup of tea.

Ko Pha Ngan
So we went up to the view-point. Quite hot and humid – that makes for a lot of sweat. But than you have a nice view.

Ko Pha Ngan
On the way back down to the bike we stopped here. Nice view as well.

Ko Pha Ngan

But first....
But first….

Ko Pha Ngan

Ko Pha Ngan
Time for the first beach. It started to rain like hell so we had to stop for some food and went to a bungalow place next to the beach. Friendly owner and restaurant stuff. After the rain stopped we walked the beach and the girl went to get some waves.

Ko Pha Ngan
On this site of the island the roads go up and down. If you can ride a scooter take one for a day and explore the island!

Ko Pha Ngan
Sleepy little boat parking

Ko Pha Ngan
That was a wide beach with super fine white sand – great!

No time no time!

Since i had to pick up Laura in Bangkok and meet a few friends before that it was time to leave after a few days. Got the bus – ferry – bus combo to the bus station in BKK. The bus leaves with the 17:30 ferry or something so you still can enjoy a day on the island.

Ferry Port

On the Ferry
See you again island!

On the Ferry

On the Ferry
When it gets dark it gets boring outside so I went inside. It was boring too!

On the Bus
Lucky me – a girl had the seat in the front and her boyfriend the seat next to me. So she wanted to change. Yes – more leg room – thank you!

Hello Bangkok – Wires in front of my guest house. They gave me a room at 6.30 in the morning and I could sleep a bit.

Fried Rice
Than to the little park for some foooood!

Police Speakers
Ok – they do look loud!

Big fat Lizzard
Hello old friend – still healthy looking

Melanie & Me
Melanie & Me

Gerben & Me
Gerben & Me

From Penang to Ko Pha Ngan

Night Market in Surat Thani

Time time time – no more time! After a few days in Penang it was time to move on. Wanted to visit Ru on Ko Pha Ngan so I got a ticket to Surat Thani. There was a mini bus early in the morning. A Chinese couple and a local couple where the only others in the van. The Chinese could not cross to Thailand since they had the wrong stamps in the passport. Sorry you can only fly!

Mercedes W123 Taxi
The mini bus dropped me somewhere and then this dude showed. Great! A W123 from Stuttgart! He drove me to another travel office for the last leg to Surat Thani. That bus dropped me at another office and they sold me an expensive ticket for the night boat. But I could leave my bag at the office.

Umbrella Street
The night market – that is a really nice decoration!

Pad Thai
A red Pad Thai? Why not – and it was really good. Lots of green to add on top of it. 30 Bath!

Night Ferry
The Ferry

Evening Food Market
There is a little night food market so i had some big ice-cold Leo’s

Evening Food Market
Than I put my bag in the boat and went on a beer run

Evening Fruit Market
Looks good!

Night Boat Sleeping Room
The sleeping room

Morning at the beach
Since I was super early on the island there was nobody at the hostel. Time for a trip to the beach than.

Old fishing boat
Not sure if that one will go out again but the colors are sweet.

Boats at the sea

Dog on the table
Like a BOSS!

Sunset at the beach

Andy & Me
Had dinner with Andy – did not meet the Don aka Fabi since he could not make it 🙁

Dog & Me
Ru has a dog now: Pad Thai

Vagabond Hostel
Yes – you are right again – a hostel… That is what you get when you visit the boss woman of the hostel. A dorm bed!

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