From Đăk Hà to Hội An

Blue sky and sunshine - a great day for the next leg of the journey. Down to Hội An to meet friends that have rented a big house. Buffalo a bit after Kon Tum next to the road Not a lot of traffic today on the Ho Chi Minh Road War memorial in Đắk Tô Detail of the war memorial in Đắk Tô A tank at the war memorial in Đắk Tô The famous Tank #377 Wikipedia has this to say for that day:…

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From Buôn Ma Thuột to Đăk Hà

The next day on the way up north. Off to Đăk Hà a few more kilometres than the last few days. It was hot and dry - OK as long as you are driving. Lots of traffic in Buôn Ma Thuột - no clue where they all go. After a while it was less and less traffic. I look forward to the North of Vietnam. The few days with almost no traffic and a lot of green! Victory Monument Me Thuot or Tượng đài…

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