Athens to Stuttgart Road Trip Part 15 – Lake Constance

Since the Greek is from an island it is only fair to put him on the water to finish the trip in a nice way. And so we did - on the Lake Constance. Kloster Birnau Look how small he is! The sky is so so - but this is the last weekend to rent a boat. Sunday night they close for this season. Hazy towards Switzerland Quick refresh of the Captains memory ‎⁨Uhldingen-Mühlhofen⁩ harbour Beer 'o clock on the ‎⁨Lake Constance⁩ On the…

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Fall Weekend at Lake Constance

Was not really motivated to start working so why not visit Anja at Lake Constance or Bodensee as we call it here in Germany. She moved to Konstanz a few years ago. Konstanz has a border with Switzerland so you have loads of Swiss coming over at the weekend and do their shopping, drinking and dining for cheap. Since the Swiss Frank rose again last year it got even cheaper for them. Thus Konstanz is full of nice little shops, cafe's and restaurants. Everything…

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Betriebsausflug 2011 to Brauerei Blank and Lake Bodensee

Steiner, Joga and Mr. Gräber did attend this year. The neighbour was somehow busy with his girl...Due to the temperatures we decided against the convertible and took the limousine. On the way - thanks that german gas stations still sell beer After a nice evening at Brauerei Blank we did cruise to the lake Bodensee. Gray sky and thanks to the mattress a fucked up back this did not look to promising. This is the 1st step in the production of Most - our…

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