Days in Pai-Radise

Only a few more lazy days till 2017. Wow that year was another fast one. Here are a few more pictures from the Pai-Paradise: Who are you? Meet the latest addition to Twin Hut. When I came to Pai the first time Dream was a child and now she has a baby. Yellow-Green-Blue Another sundowner Dinner with Konstantin Another Khao Soi Happy cat - happy me Looks like they have a new owner. I did like the old place better. More green - now…

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A few Photo Galleries from the Live Music Action in Edible Jazz and Bebop Bar in Pai

This post is for people who do not follow me on Social Media. Tell you one thing - you should! So you do not miss out when I post something. And if you do not want to miss a post at the blog -> please subscribe to it :-) Some pictures from February 15th 2015. Link to the Facebook gallery - it works even when you are not on Facebook!   Link to the Facebook gallery - it works even when you are not…

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Drummers of the Moon Village

The other night there was a Black Moon Party at the Moon Village outside of Pai. Usually i do not really like the parties there and would rather not go. But Claire did not want to drive her scooter all the way at night so i had to drive her there.This time they had the party up on the right at a field and not down where they have the big round house. The stage was in a tipi and i did only film…

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