Athens to Stuttgart Road Trip Part 6 – From Agios Germanos to Edessa

After the nice evening at the fireplace, we slept really good at the Agios Germanos Traditional Hotel. The breakfast was even better than the dinner - just look at it :-) Best breakfast of the whole trip! Prespa Lake in the morning And back to the car On the 15 towards the E86 - the lake in the distance He looks out for you at a 180 bend On the E86 in Presbes On the E86 in Amyntaio⁩ On the E86 in Amyntaio⁩ Some…

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Athens to Stuttgart Road Trip Part 5 – From Neraida to Agios Germanos

Neraida Neraida in the offseason. We were the only guests at our hotel and probably the only ones in the town. So it was quite in the night - I love offseason! There was no breakfast at the hotel so we took off and continued towards our next destination. View from the balcony View from the balcony towards the village square Along the square Nice paint job Hmmm.... On the Road again Old Mercedes truck in Vathylakkos Close to Neapoli⁩ Kastoria We stopped for…

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