From the End of the Runway to the End of the Highway – Kythira Pictures

A few days ago we did bring Mitsos sister to the airport here in Kythira. A small runway far from everything. Like the port - very far from everything. Guess the local gas stations have a say where to put things on this island. On the way back home we did pass the last resting place for many fine cars. Together with the setting sun a good place to try for a few more pictures. Today Mitsos, his mother, Elana and I will take…

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The Shop on Kythira that has everything

The other day i went with Maria to Potamos. We did some shopping in the Shop on the island of Kythira that has everything. And i do not exaggerate! French Opinel knives, all sort of screws and nails, tools for the home, car and garden, kitchen stuff, bedroom stuff, hats, trousers, fishing gear whatever you might need - they have it on one shelf or down in a drawer. You can browse for hours and the shop keepers are very helpful and explain everything…

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Final Rest in Kythira

A few days after i arrived on Kythira my friends father passed away. Not nice but a chance to see how they do it in Greece. Interesting customs and all so different from back home. At last everybody on the island gets his last ride in a Mercedes Benz 300 T-Model. And the graveyard in Kythira has a great view - at last as long as you are not 6 feet down. The last visit to the house on the way from the hospital…

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