More Pictures from Los Angeles

Since I have some time right now I post a few more Los Angeles pictures from my last trip to the US.Nice old truck The other day err night Irenie took me to Santa Monica. There is a free concert every now and then and people bring food and drinks. Great evening out at the beach. Still puzzled that people could drink booze at the beach and the cops did not interfere??? Pelicans at Venice Beach - and there are a lot of them…

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A few Pictures from my Beach Walk – Venice Beach to Santa Monica

These are the Fat Tires i was talking about - that is what you ride over here - if you ride in style that is! I do not know who he is but he is famous over here! The Venice Fishing Pier in Venice Beach. Not sure if it was here but i think it was. The last time i was in LA we did watch fisher man feeding pelican here and one of them had a little radio. Operation Desert Shield did turn…

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