Welcome to my site. I love to travel, and I love to take pictures. On the Blog, you find lots of pictures from my trips all over the world. Before I started this site in 2009 I posted my travel pictures (and other pictures) on surfdog.de. If you have a lot of time, you might want to look at my Winter Travel pictures. Mostly from South East Asia.

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Canada | Lunenburg⁩ | Travel

Nova Scotia Circle 6 – From Luneburg⁩ to Peggy’s Cove

The next part of my Nova Scotia Circle Luneburg⁩ St. John’s Anglican Church St. John’s Anglican Church was the first church built in Lunenburg in 1753. It is the second Church of England built in Nova Scotia and Canada’s second-oldest continuous Protestant church. When the King’s Chapel in Boston, MA, was expanded, its new stone…

Wood Houses
Canada | Travel | Yarmouth⁩

Nova Scotia Circle 5 – From ‎⁨Annapolis Royal to ⁩Luneburg⁩

The next leg on my Nova Scotia Circle Digby Harbour Église Sainte-Marie in Church Point Church Point is home to the Église Sainte-Marie, a Catholic place of worship. It is both one of the largest and tallest buildings made of wood in all of North America. The length of the church nave is 58 meters,…

‎⁨Annapolis Royal⁩
Canada | New Minas | Travel

Nova Scotia Circle 4 – From New Minas to ‎⁨Annapolis Royal⁩

Harbourville Morden Port-Royal National Historic Site North Hills Museum The exterior of this tiny farmhouse, built in the 1760s, looks like a typical country residence, but inside it features a collection of great art and furnishings that create an impression of Georgian grandeur. Robert Patterson purchased North Hills in 1964 and transformed it into a…