From A Lưới to Khe Sanh

Did sleep quite good and got up before 09:00 again. Since I did not see any interesting place for breakfast last night and no Bánh mì stand as well the decision to find some breakfast on the way was very easy.Pack the bag game, pay for the room and put the bag on the bike. Today I not even have to worry that the Google lady sends me somewhere where I do not want to go. The border to Laos is on the left.…

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From Cau Ha to A Lưới

Got up very early today - 08:15! Shower and pack the bag game and after good-bye host I was on the road. The clock: 60768 km Back up the hill to the Ho Chi Minh Road. That stupid Google woman did trick me and changed the route on the way without telling me. I did learn today that she likes to do that from time to time. Sometimes she tell me that there is a faster route available and sometimes she just thinks she…

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