From Buôn Ma Thuột to Đăk Hà

The next day on the way up north. Off to Đăk Hà a few more kilometres than the last few days. It was hot and dry - OK as long as you are driving. Lots of traffic in Buôn Ma Thuột - no clue where they all go. After a while it was less and less traffic. I look forward to the North of Vietnam. The few days with almost no traffic and a lot of green! Victory Monument Me Thuot or Tượng đài…

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From Ðưc Trọng to Buôn Ma Thuột

Further north up to the Ho Chi Minh road - on mostly empty streets till the AH17. I have some landscape for you and some more churches. Take a look! Giáo Xứ Thanh Bình Old school fun for the kids at this church Comes with a dragon slayer as well Nhà thờ Kim Phát Nice Tet decoration. Artificial tree with fireworks made of soda cans. They have a Maria with a light hat! And some music if you like Nhà Thờ Phú Sơn Along…

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