Today: Chinese for Lunch


Today i felt like having some Chinese food for lunch – this is easy as the border is only 50km from here. Went with my Chinese Honda copy to the border town – Boten – and – had a Dali Beer!! (great) and fried vegetables with rice. All for 1.70 € – i can not complain as it even was good!!!
BTW i do Couchsurf in Luang Nam Tha.

Last Evening in Shanghai

Did spend the day with last minute shopping and getting lost in the small old hutongs. Sometimes it is like in a little village far far from here and than it is back to modern Shanghai again.
Ludger came back from Germany today and we will have dinner together before i have to go to the airport.
4 weeks?? why did it go so fast???
Cheer to all the nice people that did make this trip special! I shall come again!