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Back in Shangri-La

After visiting the Meili Snow Mountain (which is sacred to most Chinese Buddhist people) i am back in Shangri-La. The stupid mountain lodge was closed due to road construction – so my cab driver drove me to the next village. Did meet 2 girls on the street and we ended up sharing a room and as they had organized a taxi to the mountain i was happy to join. Next morning it was kind of cloudy but the sky cleared the closer we came. Than it was a 3 hour hike up to a platform where the people pray and leave the flags – or take pictures – or both. The taxi took us back to Deqin in the evening where we shared another hotel room. Today i had a big bus back to here – landscape is like Peru in the mountains. Quite a nice drive.

As for Terry and his friends – sorry no map over here to show you where but it is all more or less in Yunnan and Sichuan – you have to google it :-(

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  1. Aloha Marc
    So much fun to follow your journey on your blog. I am now inspired to head out this way myself.
    I did Google Yunnan and Sichuan provinces and tracked down your path, so cool!!
    Please keep sharing the magic of your travels with us.
    From Terry in the mountains of Northern Thailand.

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