A few more days till my next India Trip

This is where i want to go - back to the Indian mountainsHow to spend Summer?Since i had to cut my winter trip 5 weeks short i got here to early. Than i did my eBay thing and sold comics. A week at Majorca and 10 days in Switzerland. And now another week in France. Since i have to wait till fall for the second round of eBay i have enough time. BUT Joga has his birthday party at September 13. And that does…

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Last week of my India trip in Kalga, Himachal Pradesh

After a few days in Kasol i did meet Lari Fari, Kait and George in the morning and we went to Brama Mama House in Kalga together. Kalga is one of the last villages in the Parvati Valley if you go upstream on the right of the river. Up on the mountain - no street so no car or motorbike and that means no noise which is hard to find in India. A little paradise before the world ends - more or less. Perfect…

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