Good Bye Lonji

After 3 nights it was time to move on down from this nice place. Delphine went down into the valley and i crossed over to the other valley. Great - nobody and nothing. You hear only some birds, the tranquil sound of water and you own footsteps! Than the dream was over - i reached the other valley and the village there. No more smiling chinese tourists and locals. A kind of shopping center for trash in the mountains. I even saw the stupid…

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2nd Day in Longji

The next day Hermes hiked up from his place for breakfast. He and Michelle left for Guilin again. Delphine came late in the afternoon from Xing Ping. There was a little confusion as she had the LP Guide and the whole valley is not in the book only another one next to it. But she made it. I waited 1st at "Music from Paradiese", had a beer and a chat with this nice fellow about my camera.

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Longji Terraces Scenic Area

Today Michelle and I went to the Longji Terraces Scenic AreaThe construction begun in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) by the Zhuang and Yao people. Till today they work every day in their fields on the mountains. If you been to Banaue in the Philippines you know what it looks like. Michelle did a fantastic job with organizing the trip. But we could not find the bus at the train station so we went to the bus station for a quick breakfast. the bus driver…

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