Winter 17/18 – From Phía Tháp to Thái Nguyên

Time to move down South again. Packed the bike and said Adios to the Kim family. I had a super time here in the North and the dinner was excellent - every time! Thank you!!Today I wanted to see the Mountain with the Hole that is not too far from Kim's Homestay. When I was close I could not find it and gave up - and I was so close. Stupid me but I also hat many kilometers to go.I detoured a second time…

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Winter 17/18 From Nà Hang to Phía Tháp

The next morning was the usual gray and cold one. Not too cold but enough to wear the windproof jacket. Today I had to cross a few mountain ranges to get to the northern part of Northeast Vietnam or Đông Bắc. Looking forward to seeing a lot of limestone mountains again. There is a big dam above the village. If this one breaks the village will be gone for sure. Low water in the dam - seems to affect way more places Restaurant Boats.…

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