Up to the Banaue Viewpoint

A nice half day or even day trip is a walk up to the Banaue Viewpoint. Pass the tourist office and the museum and keep walking up the mountain. You pass a lot of houses and see how the locals do their local things. Most of the small factories are right next to the house. They produce bricks, handicraft, lots of carpenters, car wash stations or mechanics. There are enough shops in case you need to hydrate. There is a construction site on the…

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The Batad Rice Terraces – People at Work

This is part 2 of the Batad Rice Terraces pictures. In this post, you see what the people do in the planting season. I hope you find the pictures interesting! Leaving the small village behind we made our way up to the other side of the valley On top over the Batad Rice Terraces The big ones are guesthouses and restaurants - I do not hope for an earthquake over there You can see where they did plant the rice. Now it is time…

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