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A weekend in Oberstdorf

Mountains – mountains in fall! Steiner called for a weekend in Oberstdorf to walk and talk and have some beers in the evening. The forecast was looking good so Friday noon we hit the Autobahn and went over the Alb to the Alps!

House at Haldenweg in Oberstdorf
Arrived in the early afternoon so we walked a bit. Traditional house at Haldenweg in Oberstdorf.

Jesus enjoying the fall sun on the way to Moorweiher
On the way to Moorweiher we passed Jesus – looks like he is enjoying the fall sun as well.

Scared duck on the Moorweiher
Scared duck – did not expect somebody that last in the afternoon.

Schattenberg at the back
Schattenberg at the back – fall colours in the front.

View from our hotel
View from our room at Gasthof Petra in Oberstdorf. We had a big room with a double bed and two single beds, a table with 2 chairs, shower and a balcony with table and chairs. The warm afternoon sun on the balcony is great to relax after your hike. There is a Wienerwald restaurant downstairs if you are lazy you do not have to go far for dinner. The breakfast was average but enough.

A Maß of Dampfbeer
A Maß of Dampfbeer with dinner at the last German brewery before Austria.


The next morning we got up way to early. Steiner must get up at 6 in the morning or before. I have no clue why. So he makes a lot of noise and even watches the news on TV! I hate it to get up so early. The result: we where ready for breakfast 30 minutes before the hotel was ready with breakfast. Great work!
After breakfast we took the bus to the Fellhorn cable car. I would have loved it to walk up but Steiner was lazy so up we went with the cable car. Up at the top station it was still cloudy and not too many people at this time of the day.
The hill station is over 2000 metres and it was cold in the night. The earth was still frozen which made it hard and good to walk. When we had lunch we saw many people pass us – mud everywhere.

Top of the Hill
Top of the Hill – ready to walk.

Heavy clouds over the mountains on the German side
Heavy clouds over the mountains on the German side

Cloudy towards the south of Germany. You can see the path on the rim below
Cloudy towards the south of Germany. But there is a bit of blue in the far distance. You can see the path down towards Oberstdorf on the rim below.

Path on the rim with Austria on the left and Germany on the right.  The mountains of Germany in the back
Path on the rim with Austria on the left and Germany on the right. On some part of the path you can stand with one leg in Austria and one in Germany :-) The valley on the left is in Ausria with the mountains of Germany in the back.

View towards Germany - blue sky :-)
Finally blue sky – view over the German mountains. This is why I like to sleep longer – blue sky. I trade it with a bit of mud. That is why we have the hiking boots!! Well well….

I can see our picnic spot
I can see our picnic spot

Steiner – very happy – because foooood!

Nice spot – sun, mountains and food

Old trees

A weekend in Oberstdorf 1


Loretto-Kapellen in Oberstdorf

The Loretto Kappellen are tree small chapels next to each other at the southern end of Oberstdorf. The oldest one is the Appachkapelle from 1493. It is a really small building so in 1657 construction of the second one begun. Following the fashion of the time they named it after the Italian city Loretto: St. Maria Loretto.

St. Maria Loretto
St. Maria Loretto

St. Maria Loretto Oberstdorf
They change the cloths of the Madonna a few times a year.

St. Maria Loretto
He invented the Boomerang! I bet you thought it is an Australian thing…

St. Maria Loretto
The guy on the left invented the “Big Stick” and the guy on the right? Go figure!

St. Maria Loretto
They worked for the Stick Boys

St. Maria Loretto
The round painting is from 1877 by Claudius Schraudolph dem Älteren. In 1926 the other pictures where added.

Josefkapelle Oberstdorf

Josefkapelle Oberstdorf
In 1671 they started to build the Josefkapelle.

Josefkapelle Oberstdorf

Jesus riding on his donkey made 1729 from Franz Xaver Schmädl.

After that it was only a few more minutes to our nice balcony to sit in the warm afternoon sun. After the sun goes down it gets cold quick at this time of the year.

The next day Dr. Schwarz and his son from Stuttgart joined us for a short hike up behind the big ski-jumping area.

The old man gang with a young guy
The old man gang with a young guy

Schanze Oberstdorf
And back down around the ski-jumbing area.

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