Athens to Stuttgart Road Trip Part 1 – Athens

Mitsos has some friends from Hamburg. They have the car from Germany on the island and are happy when somebody drives it back to Germany again. This year it worked well with my schedule. I took a flight down to Athens and we drove 3 weeks back to Stuttgart. The first step is of course: A plane to Athens! The last German beer for a while at STR Nice day for the trip Time to bord the plane Good old Eurowings Enough space The…

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4 Days in the US – Day 1 From Chicago to Fitchburg⁩

Another Long Man mission. Fly to Chicago and deliver some parts - have a few free days to explore - fly back. I like those kind of missions. Got a car for 4 days and booked a few nice hotels. Spring was late this year so it was not as green as I hoped for but it was a free trip so why complain?? First stop ‎⁨Fitchburg⁩, ⁨Wisconsin⁩ via Frankfurt and Chicago. Stuttgart Airport - even a decent time of the day. Usually when…

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Back in Thailand – Winter 2016/2017

Enough of the zigzagging round Europe. Time to see some sunshine and blue sky. Mid November it was - time to fly to BKK. Did book the flight quite early this year after all the cheap offers in my mail box. 528€ with Lufthansa from STR over FRA to BKK. Back BKK over ZHR to STR. Of course the cheapest offer was 430€ with China and I got it after I booked the ticket. So my Lufthansa flight was Wednesday the 23rd and Monday…

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