Fish dry in the sun in Prachuap Khiri Khan
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From Bangkok to Prachuap Khiri Khan

The few days in Bangkok were gone like nothing. Since we went to bed late every night I did sleep long every morning. After breakfast – usually at the little Vegetarian place over the klong – it was back into the comfort of the air con room.
And in the evening out on the street to the same old little restaurant for food and friends.

Dee in Bangkok
Dee made it over the river to say Hi to Mitsos and me. We had fireworks to celebrate.

Happy Mitsos with Mexican food
Happy Mitsos with Mexican food

Melanie in Bangkok
The other night Melanie came down to the old part of Bangkok

Dont you love it here too???

Park behind the fort
Every evening the girls rock the park

Pra Sumen Fort
A beer later: Pra Sumen Fort and the full moon

Last night in Bangkok
Last night in Bangkok – we went to the restaurant behind the supermarket. I love this quiet place – great when you want to get away from it all!

Soup at the red light
That taxi driver really works hard. He had his soup at the red light in the car. Customers in the back of his taxi.

On the way to Prachuap Khiri Khan

From Bangkok to Prachuap Khiri Khan you have 3 easy options. Train, Mini Bus or Big Bus. I opted for the Mini Bus since there is one every hours or so from Victory Monument. Price is 220 Bath. Of course I had to pay an extra 100 Bath for my bag – nobody else had to. Lets see if they want that on the way back as well. Drive was smooth with one toilet stop and one stop for gas and toilet.

Gasing up
Gasing up on the way – the Mini Bus

First night in Prachuap Khiri Khan
Did want to stay at Maggies Homestay but it was full. So I want to Yuttichai Hotel. Nice room for 160 Bath with fast Wifi. But my room was towards the road so it gets loud early in the morning.

Night Market in Prachuap Khiri Khan
The night market prepares

Sky in Prachuap Khiri Khan
It looked like a big storm is on the way – but nothing happened

At the night market in Prachuap Khiri Khan
At the night market in Prachuap Khiri Khan – if you eat seafood you find loads. If you are Vegetarian you do not find a lot. So I had vegetables with rice. 60 Bath for one plate? Tssss

Beach in Prachuap Khiri Khan
The next morning the sky was blue again

Ice cold Leo
Ice cold Leo – you can not go wrong with it in Thailand

Hotel fail in Prachuap Khiri Khan
Hotel fail – this is the side facing the ocean – and they have only the door to the room on this side. Not even a window to see the sea?

Second room in Prachuap Khiri Khan
The next day I changed to Maggies Homestay. Very small room for 200 bath. But there is a big garden and a kitchen. Great!

Fish dry at the beach
Along the beach

Fish dry at the beach

There must be something for me
here must be something for me

Spooning in the Sun
Spooning in the Sun

Pot of Gold
Pot of Gold

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