The White Temple in Chiang Rai

This time the sky was more white so no good pictures from the temple. So i give you a few details. There are more pictures from the Temple on my web site of course!I am on Don Det all the way down south in Laos. The region is called the 4000 Islands. Sure nobody did count them but there are many. Depends on the time of year the Mekong is 18 km wide. It is very hot which forces you basically to do nothing…

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The Black Temple of Chiang Rai

Everybody knows about the White Temple in Chiang Rai - but nobody seems to know the Black Temple. Here are a few pictures for you. And if you are the next time in Chiang Rai - visit the Black Temple - it is even more interesting that the White Temple. The Black Temple is not only one big building - it is many smaller ones behind and around the main building. Mostly dark wood buildings but a few are white and made from concrete.…

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Strange Guest House in Chiang Rai

I told you (at last the Facebook friends of me) about the GH I booked in Chiang Rai. So I took the bus from Chiang Rai up to here. Of course they have a new bus station 9 km out of town (WHY oh WHY do all the Asian cities start to do that SHIT!!!!! The bus station in Stuttgart is next to the Main Train Station which is the center of the city!!!!!!!!!!!) So I have to get a tuck tuck to the…

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