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Strange Guest House in Chiang Rai

I told you (at last the Facebook friends of me) about the GH I booked in Chiang Rai. So I took the bus from Chiang Rai up to here. Of course they have a new bus station 9 km out of town (WHY oh WHY do all the Asian cities start to do that SHIT!!!!! The bus station in Stuttgart is next to the Main Train Station which is the center of the city!!!!!!!!!!!)
So I have to get a tuck tuck to the place or a pick up taxi and so on. What ever – I did get here at 3 pm – and not it is 9 pm. there is no manager – I sit in his office and use the Ethernet cable of his computer. i found a room which I gonna use and watched a movie. it is full of Thai people that do not speak english – they are all nice. there is a shop with cold beer. lets see what is next…

ok found towels – shall get to sleep now – lotus guest house chinag rai – a lot of fun for a little €
found also a note of some french girls that left in the morning – hi manager – here is the key – cheers…

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