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I am back in Laos

Went in the morning to the border – it opens at 8 am. did arrive at 8.05 – check out of thailand was smooth and quick. got to the 3rd boat over the Mekong and where with the 1st people to apply for a Lao visa.
Later the masses did get there and for some it took hours in the line.
Than to the boat – shared a taxi with 2 girl from Belgium. Got a seat in the 1st row!
Leg space!! Next to me a nice guy from Austria – so it was a pleasant boat trip with nice conversation.
In the evening a few of my new friends and i went to a local restaurant and had a nice evening as well. I took the next day off and today the bus to Udomxai.
Tomorrow i will go further north – not really sure how far but might go all the way to Muang Sing.

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  1. Greetings Mark
    Nice move to head north, Muang Sing is a cool town with a colorful market. About 8 km from town towards the Chinese border, there is a nice guest house, (forgot the name) also many hill tribe villages, and nice hikes.
    Happy trails…..

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