Winter 17/18 – From Rayong over Bangkok to Pai

Ban Hua Khod Mangrove Forest in Rayong Dee's brother was in town with his girlfriend and we went all together to the Ban Hua Khod Mangrove Forest near Prasae. When we arrived there was almost nobody there. We took a boat out to the open water and back into a pier that leads to elevated walks in the mangrove forest. From the Golden Meadow (Tung Prong Thong) we took a boat out of the mangrove forest Saw some birds on the way The ocean…

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Winter 17/18 – From Germany to Rayong, Thailand

December 17th, 2017 Took the bus to the tram, the tram to the train station. Took the InterCityExpress train to FRA. Wheeled my bag to hall B in Terminal 1 and got in line at the Kuwait Airways Check-In counter. About 20 minutes later my day was much better. Exchanged my big bag for a sticker on my boarding pass and was on my way to the REWE Supermarket. The last German beer for a few months to come and of course a Brezel.…

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