Winter 17/18 From Lạng Sơn⁩ over ‎⁨Huyện Quảng Uyên⁩ to Ba Bể Lake

Then next day of our tour in Northern Vietnam. It was gray but dry which is better than gray and wet. But does not make for nice pictures. We had coffee in the room and Mitsos had some breakfast. And on the bikes we where. A cloudy and gray morning Small village over the rice fields This must be super lovely with blue sky Great landscape with small roads Lots of green mountains left - view from the 34 a bit before Nguyen Binh…

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Winter 17/18 From Ninh Binh over Binh Long to Lạng Sơn⁩

From Ninh Binh to Binh Long I started this winter trip quite late to push the return flight back into May. This way I am able to do the North Vietnam Loop in April. This would give me better chances to see more blue sky. But that did not happen cause Mitzos decided he comes over and drive with me. But he also wanted to be back in Bangkok for Songkran. That is the New Year in Thailand. So I had to do the…

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