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More Pictures from the most visited Cemetery on the Planet

Pére Lachaise Cemetery is the largest cemetery in the city of Paris. There are so many graves for you to see with some famous ppl there. There are over 1 million bodies buried there, and many more in the columbarium. Wikipedia even talks about way more: Although some sources incorrectly estimate the number of interred…

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Hello from Paris – Strange Conversation at the Père Lachaise Cemetery

The other day i did start my exploring with Père Lachaise Cemetery again. I am not sure if my translation is correct as my french is not perfect at all. Gooooood Morning – everybody!! Rise and shine! Good Morning to you too! Hmm – Felix – FELIX! Get up man!! Did you go drinking with…

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I have a few Tickets – The next Trips are lined up

Never get caught without a ticket in your inbox. Well there was a time when you had these paper tickets. But that is long gone – now that is a eticket! I like that as you can not loose it and do not have to take care of it. So the next trips:May 1st till…