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I have a few Tickets – The next Trips are lined up

Never get caught without a ticket in your inbox. Well there was a time when you had these paper tickets. But that is long gone – now that is a eticket! I like that as you can not loose it and do not have to take care of it.

So the next trips:
May 1st till 5th Switzerland – Melissa and Bernhard in Basel and than to Lara and Chris in Movelier
May 21st till June 3rd Istanbul
June 15th to 24th Paris to visit Melanie

If you are close – lets meet for a beer!

Last but not least -> the Winter 2013/14 trip: Frankfurt – Bangkok at the 10th of December – back from Manila to Frankfurt at the 10th of April. Looks like i will spend the last 4-6 weeks in the Philippines!