The secret of Swiss Absinthe

Movelier Once again I visited Lara and Chris in Movelier - a small village in the corner between France and Germany. It is the poorest part of Switzerland, mostly farmers and the people speak French. Last time Lara told me about her neighbor who is an Absinthe connoisseur. This time we went over to his place for a taste of real Swiss Absinthe. Absinthe Most people think of France when they hear Absinthe but that is not correct. If we talk about Absinthe in…

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Summer Trip 2016 Part 6 – Switzerland

Summer Summer Summer - next leg on the Summer Trip 2016 is Switzerland. See - there is a wedding in Croatia and I have to attend. Hmm - and I want to attend as well. Now most people would drive more or less a beeline from Germany to Croatia: Stuttgart down south - cross into Austria - over the Alps into Slovenia and into Croatia. But as you know I am not most people so I went from Stuttgart to the Black Forest into…

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Fall Weekend at Lake Constance

Was not really motivated to start working so why not visit Anja at Lake Constance or Bodensee as we call it here in Germany. She moved to Konstanz a few years ago. Konstanz has a border with Switzerland so you have loads of Swiss coming over at the weekend and do their shopping, drinking and dining for cheap. Since the Swiss Frank rose again last year it got even cheaper for them. Thus Konstanz is full of nice little shops, cafe's and restaurants. Everything…

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