Athens to Stuttgart Road Trip Part 11 – From Sibiu to Budapest

Got up early and put the car in motion towards Hungary. On the way, I saw an old school-house that I wanted to picture so we stopped in Sebes for a coffee. Sebes Old school building from 1865: Education is freedom Church in Sebes - note the small towers! Some old guy closed the church gates when we wanted to get in. They have a lunch break here! Reminds me of Italy where many churches are closed as well. Some old canon Coffee break…

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Last days in Amsterdam

A week is short and I only had 3 more days to go. More walking in Amsterdam. More meeting the guys down town and more camping. The Citroen DS Car Collector Next to the camp ground was a big old car collection. Most of the cars had no roof to park under and where exposed to the elements. Very sad to see them like this. Some where lucky and had at last a roof to park under or even a shed. The guy really…

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From Khe Sanh to Đồng Hới

After a not so good night in Khe Sanh but a better breakfast: the good old pack the bag game. If you do it every day you get used to it and it goes quite fast. All the stuff you do not need is at the bottom and it stays there. Everything you need will be in the bag in a few minutes. Today's mission is to cover 240 kilometres on the Ho Chi Minh Road and there will be no gas station on…

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