Simona in Bangkok
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The last day in Bangkok 2016

It does not matter how long you stay – there is the one day when you have to take the plane or another kind of transportation to move on. I had my flight to Hanoi on the 1st of March and had 3 days in Bangkok to meet lots of friends and say “Good-Bye” for now.
Dimitris and Elena where in Bangkok so this is where I went in the morning to get the man for breakfast.

Simona in Bangkok
Simona was on the way from Kanchanaburi to meet her friends in Bangkok. She took the bus to the bus terminal and another city bus to my hotel. Then we went to my bar for some food and beer.

Volkswagen in Bangkok
Nice job on that old Volkswagen

Timothy in Bangkok
Timothy did not make it up to Pai but at last, we could say hello and good-bye!

Timothy and Dimitris
We had so much fun even the people on the street turned heads

With Melanie in the park
Melanie came over to my part of town. We went to the amulet market. But before we stopped for some fruit shakes in the park.

Marc with coconut
On the way back we passed the Coconut Man in the campus of the university. 20 Bath for one – my friend – I need you in Pai!! And after you drink it he opens them, scoops out the meat and serves it with a spoon made from coconut – customer service

Good Merit
Releasing animals for good merit = spiritual credit granted for good work. These guys had about 20 bags of fish, frogs, shells and one turtle from the fresh market. A couple of 1000 Bath worth of good fortune.

Good Merit
Shure most of the fish were happy to swim in the dirty river. Some might not survive that dirty water. But the shells? Not so sure if they like water a few meters deep?

Good Merit
The poor turtle – there is no land nowhere so she will probably drown very soon since it did not even look like a water turtle. They got something wrong… “But it is from the wet market!!”

Andy and Timothy
Last time we saw each other in the USA when I visited Andy in Las Vegas. Now he is here for a year or more. Lets see how that works out.

Andy and Marc
Guess I see you next winter again :-)

Scott and Marc
Than it was meeting Scott and catch up with the latest

Dimitrie and friends
Dimitris and his friends

The gang with Leo and Jasper
In the evening Leo came over – last time in Singapore. Floris came over as well and in the end we where quite a big group

Air Asia jets waiting for the next plane to take off and move forward

Merceds  truck
At last they have proper truck at Don Muang Airport! Adios Bangkok – see you in a few months!

Air Asia boarding

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