Off to Italy

Pleasure cruise with Grobi and the Merc. Visit Ricarda in Zürich next my mother at Lago Maggiore. The plan is to visit Seba in Lequio as well – lets see if this all works out.

off to italy

Marc Hastenteufel

I like to travel and i like to snap pictures! My mother got me a Eurorail ticket when i was 15 and together with 2 friends we adventured into France. This was the beginning of a new addiction. I do like to take pictures so one thing leads to another and on this site i want to share some of my pictures and some of my trips with you! Now i am on the road for more than 6 months every year. Visiting old friends and making new friends while exploring this big blue ball.

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  1. Martin Karlsson

    Wunderschönes auto!!!
    Viel spass!
    Fuer Fahrrädle kein platz?

  2. Hanno Keppel

    genau! wo haschs raedle??
    ein tolles auto – viel spass damit!

  3. kemai

    Great!! Take care and have a good trip!

  4. Daniela Peters

    ein sensationalles foto, großer! viel spass :o)))

  5. Roberta Bellea

    maaaaa, dove diavolo pensi di andare senza di me… diavoletto? ;)

  6. Angelika Lattner

    Roberta: stavo pensando la stessa cosa :D!
    Meno male il tempo qui nn fa schifo in questi giorni :)

  7. Marc Hastenteufel

    @ roberta: you are in barcelona now!! this would not work!
    no space for the bike but who wants to drive a bike when you have a car like that with a driver??
    @ Varya – yes but i do not have problems with my passport!!
    @ the other guys: cheers – it was fun and we do it again!

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