Summer Trip 2015 – Part 8 – Lake Balaton

What a sky! Look at the camera - not. Hmmm Polly does not speak English after all Sure enough she likes that The dog wash station. And Grobi did soak his feet as well She does not really trust the iPhone In the evening we went to the next village. They had a big laser show and then fireworks. And some fair ground rides as well The next morning after breakfast we continued the trip towards Szeged. Did find this car lot. Guess some…

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Summer Trip 2015 – Part 8 – Towards Lake Balaton

More bad weather on the way and rain in Rumania! So we decided to drive back to the Lake Balaton for the national holiday. Since it was the only patch of sunshine in a 800 km radius. Guess we will have to try another time to get there. A Pannonia from 1964! Great condition - so we had another chat about old cars and motorbikes :-) Great nose - somehow like a space ship or something Only 246 cc and more than 150 kg…

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