More Pictures from the Venice Beach Skatepark in Los Angeles

The Venice Beach Skatepark or The "Dennis Polar Bear" Agnew Memorial Skate Park was opened in October 2009. I could not find correct information about the building cost - i found anything from 2.5 million US $ to 3.5 million US $. It has vertical and street features including a 70's style pool bowl with pool boping and hips. There are snake run style combo bowl with banks and hips. You can skate round the whole park to the back where it has lots…

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St. Petersburg Airport

Here i sit - having my last Baltica 3 and typing these words. Hmm sounds good - does it? There is free WiFi here and why the fuck can i not have this at a german airport. Why in Dubai or Singapore or St. Petersburg. Grow up Germany! So after my 12 days here i have to report: St. Petersburg ist beautiful! Had sun for most of the time and even flip flop n shorts did work. Never saw that many sexy girls in…

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