Chequered Flag Classic Car Dealer in Marina Del Ray

When I was in Los Angeles the last time I had the bike from Irenie and did some random cruises to see something of the neighborhood. Most of the time I biked towards Santa Monica but sometimes just somewhere. On the way back from lunch I found Chequered Flag. Wow so many nice cars. Meee a Dino! I only took pictures of Porsches and a snap of the Volkswagen corner If you are close it is worth to stop and take a look. Feels…

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Back in Los Angeles – Short Update and a few Pictures

It's been a long time but finally I'm back again. After more than 22 years - Los Angeles or LA as you might know it. Irene was so kind to open her home in Venice Beach for me the next 3 weeks. She has a flat at Marina del Ray. Pools, Hot Tubs and an open fire-place. What a place! After the long flight (after a very short night, a missed alarm and a 95 US $ taxi ride to Newark) i was happy…

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