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iPhone to hit the US market on June 29th

and the debate heat’s up. does the world need another phone maker? will this one be a good phone? does it suck? i found this blog entry today and it is kind a funny so i like to share it with you :-)


And from the land of the Finns and the land of the vikings cameth phones that looked like soapbars from hell. And they carrieth the most hated chicklet-keys from days long forth. And they made you listen out 8 voice-mails before to get to the one you wanted to hear. And they made you look like the spastic men, tying to send text-mail whilst traveling fingering the chicklets. And worst of all, these phones looketh like like a Moulines kitchen-mixer from the years sixty of the 20th century past.

And yes… Go home and play with your brown Zune, moron.


this one was an comment to this one:

June 21, 2007
Comic Relief: The One True Phone

“And on the 29th day of the sixth month, when the sun was at its lowest point in the sky, the Phones appeared, one after another, each in its tasteful white box without any adornment whatsoever. And the People rejoiced, for they had been waiting a long time and could wait no longer.”

Thus begins the Netly News’ walkup to the iPhone release, perhaps the funniest thing I’ve read on the subject (and I’m not just saying this because the author is my boss).

I know you’re probably too busy buying Apple (AAPL) puts or selling calls or whatever it is you do to click on the link below, so I’ll give you one more graph for free:

Next came the fan boys and the overweight and the incorrect wearers of patterned shirts and the others who were decried as social pariahs. To them, the faithful, the Phone was celebrated and hailed as no other Phone before it, nor any other kind of consumer electronic gear for that matter, except maybe the Tivo. And the Phone made them cool for a while, which was a miracle. “Yea, the Phone has brought peace and happiness to our lives!” wrote Gizmodo, and a record of pageviews was logged.

To read the full piece, click here.

(OK, Josh, now can I go home?)

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