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Winter 06/07 is online

this took quite a while but i had to much work – now it is online!
i have to admit that there are not a lot of interesting pictures this time but i had only 8 weeks and it was not really a nice trip this time – to short and they killed pai (i still dunno how they did it)!

I was there in march 06 the last time and come back in november 06 and the whole thing went crazy.
millions of thai tourists block the whole village every weekend and over xmas and new year it was like a campground! including a lot of driving the car instead of walking 2 minutes and noise starting at 6 in the morning and bla bla bla – fuck it! Lots of other little things on the side like no party nowhere, 500(!!!) bath entrance to the hot springs (thai pai 20! and my bungalow is only 120!!).

anyhow – if you like take a look at surfdog.de -> wintertravel

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  1. Hi Marc!
    It’s Tom here, Thai Tom.
    I just wanna leave a response to your wonderful images/series of Thailand. It took me a couple of days to slowly going through them. I am not telling you how i felt inside those images and i got out of them! Then i look out side the window on a blur/cloudy summer day. Then for a moment my mind when blank…I think you know the question in head! But it was worthy to,at least, look at those beauties…
    Have a pretty day
    Tom Tuanthong

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