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More Pictures from Pairadiese

This is very wired! Rain in Pai! I come now for 10 years to Pai and i never had rain here – not in November, December, January, February or March. Pat does not remember such a thing. And it really did rain – thunder, wind – the whole thing. Quite nice when you are back at your bungalow – leave roof worked like a charm even it is 2 years old now. Here are 3 pictures taken before the rain started from my bungalow at Twin Hut.

Pai 2013The green garlic field was even greener – nice to watch. Makes you wanna come in rainy season as well

Pai 2013

Pai 2013

Pai 2013

Pai 2013 England

Pai 2013 Happy Chinese Girl

Pai 2013 Sunset from Twin Hut

Pai 2013 Laureen and her brother

Pai 2013

Pai 2013 Mike

Pai 2013Nora! I love this one – at Mike’s place

Pai 2013 Ita on the right

Pai 2013 Basam had a great evening

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