Saigon Train Station
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30 hours on the Train from Hanoi to Saigon

The first night on the train was not really good. Had booked the lower bed in a 6 bed compartment and there where only 3 of us. But at every stop somebody gets out and new people come in. Some only for one stop and some for a few. And the guy next to me was snoring like a hog. Good that I had a few beer since I was not tired.
In Saigon I booked Zu Coffee – a little home-stay a bit away from the centre. Since my bike does not travel with me in this train I would spend a bit more time there as intended. Still have to finish “The China Study” and another book is waiting. From the pictures at I know that they have a big garden. Looking forward to sit outside with only a shirt again. Blue sky and upper 20 degrees only 30 hours away!
Finally I managed to sleep – interrupted to many times in the night.

Look out of the train window
The next morning – still Gray and cold outside. Taken at Phong Nha-ke Bang National Park

Look out of the train window
A few hours later – still the same view.

Blue Sky!
Finally – in the afternoon: Blue sky at Tỉnh Thừa Thiên Huế! And the sun is back!

The ocean outside of the train window
The ocean outside of the train window

The ocean outside of the train window
For quite some time the train follows the shore line

The ocean outside of the train window

Lots of green and the ocean outside of the train window

Private Beach
This looks like a perfect place for a Guest House with a “private beach”

Train station in Vietnam
Train station in Quảng Ngãi. I am quite sure Ga comes from the French Gare

Fields somewhere in Vietnam
Fields outside of Quảng Ngãi

Graveyard somewhere in Vietnam
Graveyard outside of Quảng Ngãi

Train station somewhere in Vietnam
Train station in Bình Định, Vietnam

Tiger Beer in the train in Vietnam
They only had Tiger Beer on the train – strange! 20.000 Dong for a can – 0,80 € and ice-cold. The second night was not better than the first.

Train station in Saigon
After 30 hours on the train we reached the train station in Saigon

Taxi to ZU Coffee
I had a fresh Banh Mi and a coffee since it was very early. Than I walked to the main street to get a cab to my hotel

Zu Coffee

Coffee at  ZU Coffee
Coffee at ZU Coffee

Garden at ZU Coffee
Did stay at Zu Coffee for 8,50 € a night. A room with double bed, table, chair, closet, Wi-Fi and air-con. Shared bathroom with hot shower. Since I was the only guest it was more like a private bathroom. The place is a few kilometre from the centre in a quite site street. Their coffee is only open in the morning. Later they close the gate so you have the whole garden for yourself. Nice to chill a bit and read or do nothing.
The family was really nice and helpful – a great place to stay if you do not want to go down town every day.

Original US Fork
Original US Fork

Food at the place next door
About five minutes from the hotel you find a good food place. Go to the main street and turn right – keep walking for a minute. Everything on the pictures was 1,40 €

Food at the place next door
This is the sign outside the restaurant

Finally the bike arrives
On the 16th in the morning I got a call from the train station. My bike is in Saigon and I can pick it up between 14.00 and 17.00. Cool! That nice gentleman took it out of the box and did cut the cardboard for me. Still enough gas inside to get to the next gas station to fill up.

Food at the place next door
Went again for dinner to the place – this was 0,60€ and really good again!


  1. Nice – I remember ~10 years ago, 2 bottles red wine, 1 bottle ugly thai whisky and a cued french old lady ;-)
    have fun!

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