Tower in Dalat
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From Saigon over Bao Loc to Da Lat

Since my bike was now in Saigon it was time to move North! First stop Bao Loc
The clock: 59582 KM – start in the morning towards Bao Loc
I did get up early and had breakfast early. Put the stuff on the bike before 9:00 and it was hot!
Later the temperatures went up to 38 in the shade. Could somebody switch of the hair dryer please?

I am a wanderer
Funny – last time I was in Vietnam they did not have these street signs. Somebody was in Germany and did like them I guess. We use them at parking places from where you start to hike. The guys represent hikers but here they put them in front of each pedestrian crossing

Rest stop
The Vietnamese rest stops – they might be the best in the world! All along the smaller streets here in the South of Vietnam you can find these kind of rest stops. Hammocks! Very comfortable to give your ass some rest when you travel on a bike. And great for a nap when you are tired. The usual suspects come with it. Fresh coconuts, coffee – hot or with ice and fresh sugar cane juice is the standard. Of course you can get also soda, beer and water. Most of them have not even snacks but some serve hot and cold food as well.

Rest stop

Rest stop
I had my black coffee and a coconut. They empty the coconut in a jar and put some ice and sugar into it. I dig the ice but sugar? Next time I have to watch and intercept

Fish farms
Fish farms as far as you can see up and down the stream

Farming on the hills
Cutting into the forests

Minh Nhung Hotel in Bao Loc

For the first night I decided to stay at the Minh Nhung Hotel in Bao Loc. A double room was 6€ for one night with air condition, fridge with mini bar, private bathroom, table and closet. The hotel is really close to the city centre and only 2 minutes to walk to the hospital where you find plenty of street food in the evening. Do not get confused there is a Minh Nhung Hotel 1 and Hotel 2 – they both have their own entrance but it is only one hotel.

The clock: 59768 = 186 km today

Parking in the lobby
The lobby and entrance of Minh Nhung Hotel II – yes if you bring a car you park in the lobby!

Bike parking in the lobby of Minh Nhung Hotel II
This way to the entrance of Minh Nhung Hotel I. If you bring a bike you park here!

Car in the house
They like to park inside the house in Vietnam

From Bao Loc to Da Lat

The girl at the reception was a bit confused. She wanted 150.000 Dong for the room. When I put the stuff on the bike she came over and wanted 50.000 more for the room. After the bike was ready for the road I checked the app – 6€ – should be 150.000. So I went back to her and she looked at the app – her screen and the app and “Oh sorry sorry – gave me back the 50.000” Thank you lady – that is 5 cans of beer :-)
Time to move – 10:00 in the morning and 29 degrees – another hot day on the road ahead.

On the road again
On the road again

Coffee break
Coffee break! Had my coconut first and then coffee. But did not look so the old woman did put sweet condensed milk in the glass first. But she was so happy when she served it so I did drink it with the milk. If you do not stir it – it is still drinkable :-)

Thao Tri Giao Hotel in Da Lat

Did book at the Thao Tri Giao Hotel for my night in Da Lat.
6 € for a room with two Queen size beds, air-condition, closet, table with chair, private bathroom with hot water and a balcony. It is the corner room on top of the hotel with side window. Close to the lake and plenty of food options in 5 minute walking distance.
The clock: 59893 = 125 km today

Dalat Hotel
In the afternoon I did arrive at the hotel in Dalat – happy to find a Vegetarian place next to it. Turns out – they do sell meet and the food was not really good – 40.000 for a mixed plate.

Thao Tri Giao Hotel room
Thao Tri Giao Hotel room

Dalat Hotel room

Dalat Hotel room
They expect 6 Japanese without tooth brushes

Tower in Dalat
Does that tower remind you of something? A tower in France?? Hmmmm! Funny thing: they have loads of towers like that here in Vietnam – only smaller than this one.

Lake in Dalat
The lake in Dalat – note the Swans

Big C in Dalat
You will never guess what that is. I was thinking about a sport stadium of some sorts but no – it is the roof of Big C! A supermarket! Of course you can sit a few thousand people here – so it might be used for some functions as well.

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